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Virtual Staging is the best way to show a vacant listing

How does it work

Using our online order form, you upload your photos. From there, our graphic artists and designers go to work creating a customized staged photo, just for you. They will pick out the furniture that best matches the style and atmosphere you are trying to create, and then we deliver everything back to you via email within 2 business days.

Fast Turn Around

We deliver the photos back to you within 2 business days. Compared to traditional staging (where you have to schedule moving trucks and perhaps even schedule elevators), 2 business days is extremely fast. This allows you to get your listing on the market sooner, which is our goal.


Compared to traditional staging, virtual staging is extremely affordable. Traditional staging requires moving trucks, movers, and thousands of dollars of furniture to be placed in the house, which costs thousands of dollars minimum.

The aggravation of scheduling moving trucks and (if it is in a high-rise) most likely having to reserve an elevator and schedule a specific time, is also very time consuming and costly. 


This is not automated software. Each photo is created by a graphic artist and stager (or designer). Instead of cold, calculated, computer-generated programs, our photos have a personal touch to every single one of them.

Quality Assurance

Our trained graphic artists and designers look at beautiful homes all day, every day, and have an eye for staging. If you need to make changes or tweak our design, we will do so until you are completely satisfied.

Furniture Options

We offer a variety of furniture options, from traditional to contemporary. You can select a specific style from our portfolio and let us know which set of furniture to use on your listing, or trust our designers to create a perfect match for you.

Virtual Staging is a way for you to have your vacant listings look spectacular, and leave potential buyers longing to make your listing their home!

This allows you to make better use of your time and energy. No more waiting for an available moving truck. No more scheduling people to do the heavy lifting and moving of the furniture. No more stress trying to figure out the perfect position for each piece of furniture, or each painting, or each plant…