The Importance of Real Estate Photography-Tampa

Posted by in Articles, featured | April 07, 2015

The Importance of Real Estate Photography – Tampa

Tampa has a very competitive real estate market, and the best chance you have of getting your property noticed lies in the pictures that prospective buyers see online. Hiring a Real Estate Photographer ensures that buyers are getting the best possible first impression of your real estate listing. Properly lit, high-resolution photos are the only type of pictures that should be used in a home marketing campaign.

With limited time and countless listings, prospective buyers will quickly move on if the photos don’t reflect well on a property. Using a Real Estate Photographer will ensure you are maximizing your efforts and showing your listing in the best light. Consider this: when you put a home on the market, you’re competing against lots of other properties. If those properties are highlighted with attractive, well-lit photos and yours isn’t, you’re going to have more trouble getting potential buyers in the door.

By using a real estate photographer you are giving yourself a competitive edge before the listing even goes active. With the assistance of a skilled real estate photographer the listing will rank higher on the MLS. The more attractive the property is in the photos and virtual home tour, the more likely you are to show the listing.

Imagine the photo shoots retailers and catalog companies do to showcase their products. Would they release a catalog with photos of stained living room furniture or with improper lighting? Of course not — and neither should a seller. A home is a product for sale, just like any other, and should be marketed as such. In the Tampa real estate market, a blue sky and green grass are an easy fix for your real estate photographer. Before listing your next property ask yourself the following question. Could this photo be the cover of Southern Living? If the answer isn’t YES, then call a professional real estate photographer to give you a leg up against the competition. Happy Selling!

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