Uses for virtual staging

Posted by in Articles | March 14, 2018

We all know that listings look better furnished than vacant.  Sometime that’s  just not an option.  For example, if the home owners have already moved out and the listing is just empty.

There is nothing better than traditional staging to bring life to your listing.  However, most sellers are simply not willing to pay the thousands of dollars for it to be done.

Virtual staging is a very cost affective alternative.  Technically speaking, virtual staging is placing a 3D model of furniture over an image of a vacant room.  The purpose is not to deceive anybody, but to show a potential buyer what a property could look like.

Here are some uses for virtual staging:

  • Use when traditional staging is not in the budget.
  • Use to save the work of scheduling furniture to be moved. This is especially true for high rises where there are only certain days you can move furniture in/out, you have to reserve an elevator, pay an elevator deposit, show your stagers insurance to the building management, etc.
  • Use to bring life back to a stale listing. If you are not getting any traffic, you can always lower the price.  Good luck getting the home owner to agree.  Staging a few rooms can bring interest back to your listing.
  • Use as a closing tool in your listing appointment. You will most likely be the only agent that offers to do this.
  • Use to help a buyer envision what the listing can look like with their style in mind. You can stage the home to appeal to your target audience.

Always remember.  Listings are like people.  Most look better with their clothing on!

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